May 27, 2024
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Use Our 2023 Casino Blacklist to Protect Yourself from Gambling Scams Online

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There are many online casinos. There are many. Everyone is eager to receive your deposit.

However, not all casinos are as eager to return your money.

Or to comply with their terms and conditions.

To offer fair games.

Oder, to pay their affiliates.

These casinos, also known as a scam or rogue casinos, are the ones you should avoid. They are a major source of confusion online.

The question is, how can you sort the wheat from the chaff? What separates the good from the bad?

How do you find safe online casinos? And which ones to avoid?

It is not easy nor foolproof, but it is possible to refer to a blocklist.

A blocklist is a list that includes rogue casinos. These lists are created when customers complain about being treated unfairly or stolen from.

We made a list of the worst guys for everyone to see and to ensure that no one ever goes to these unscrupulous casinos again.

We block online casinos for these reasons.

Let me first say that there is no universal blocklist. There are different casinos on every blocklist you find online.

It should be because it is hard to deny that a casino, or any business, has cheated its customers.

There isn’t. Each website compiles its list based on biases, experience, research, and other resources.

Although each list differs, the reasons behind adding a casino are often the same. The casino pulled off one of these shenanigans.

Common Shenanigans Scam Casinos

In no particular order.

Unfair GamesUnfair Games

All games must be random. Scam casinos will steal their games or alter them so that they have an advantage over the casino.

Scam casinos may offer free games of practice to players to get them to try out the more “fair” games.


The casino may refuse to pay any player’s winnings for whatever reason. There are legitimate reasons why a player might not be paid. For example, they may have abused bonuses or cheated.

A rogue casino may use these excuses to cover their tracks, even though there is no evidence that the player is wrong. They accuse the player of trying to stall and to get the player to play or take another bonus to make it impossible for them to cash out.

Marketing partners such as affiliates are also subject to non-payment. Consider this: If a casino can’t or won’t pay affiliates, how long will they continue to pay their customers?

Slow PaySlow Pay

Similar to non-payment. Unreputable casinos can take weeks, months, or even years to pay back players. That could be because they don’t have enough cash flow, which is frightening, or because they want to encourage them to play or give them a bonus to keep them from cashing out. Both of these are unacceptable behaviour.

Players are given the runaround, receiving partial payments and bouncing check checks.

Predatory TermsPredatory terms

These casinos have outrageous terms such as 50x or 100x bonus rolling requirements, a limit on the amount of money you can win with your Bonus (maximum value of xx times the initial deposit amount), a limit to how much you can wager per round or a ban on games such as progressive jackpots being played while you use the Bonus.

These tactics can be shady, such as trying to sign up a player for a promotion or Bonus while trying to resolve a dispute related to the player wanting cash out. They need to find out if the player is legitimate, but they offer him bonuses. They want to lock the player into an offer that forces him to play more and lose less instead of cashing out.

Changing TermsChanging Terms

Rogue casinos are known for changing their terms as needed. That is often done when they are in dispute with a player about something they claim the player has done wrong but has not. To support their argument, they will change the terms. However, if you examine the archives, you will see that the terms have recently changed from siding with players To siding with BlackListed Online Casinos.

Spam Marketing

Marketing is what we do. Just take a look at this site. We don’t believe it’s appropriate to spam players, forums, or websites. That is something many scam casinos do to gain new customers.

Licensing & RegulationLicensing & Regulation

If the casino claims they have a license but doesn’t. They may also be located in an area with lax regulation that allows them to indulge in shenanigans.

Bad for Players: They are slow to support players, or they don’t exist. They threaten players verbally.

That is a partial list. More examples of dishonest behaviour will be found in the sections below and for each reason that casinos are on our block list. These are the most prevalent problems, and there are a lot more.

How to tell if a casino is on the blocklist

You’ll be surprised to learn – hopefully not the hard way, that many casinos are off a blocklist. Or, they’re up-and-comers.

That is a bad idea because you could get hurt if they don’t come to you before it’s too late.

We can help you avoid this. That is the best way to avoid that. Avoid the casino if you see them.

Slow pays

That is because the casino may have had no problems paying their players. All players received their payments within days or weeks.

Slowly, however, payments began to take longer. There are increasingly more delays over several weeks or months. The delays got worse. The casino makes no excuses.

Not to be confused with rogue casinos, delayed payments do not necessarily mean they cannot pay their bills on time. Every casino has experienced it at one time or another. The frequent delays in payments and the combination of players being abused indicate that things are getting worse.

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